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Discourse on the man in a spacesuit – opera

The video opera Man in a Spacesuit is a multi-genre, multi-instrumental and multinational performance about an American cosmonaut with Slovak roots. The cryptic work is about the Slovak cosmic future, about an important person from another lost region of Slovakia (Kysuce), who have long fascinated, attracted and inspired MiroTóth.

Images from space, Kysuce, the earth, from the head, reality unfold in parallel. They mix together to talk about the meaning of losing the old and conquering new lands. A scaled-down version of the video opera as an “extinct genre of dramatic opera” was created by Miro Tóth with an international line-up. The coordination failed due to lack of time due to the coronavirus. Miro Tóth, author of the libretto, director Jan Komárek and main protagonist, musician and performer Pasi Mäkelä, will provide a full performative, musical, audiovisual metaphor of the work, video opera production, Cernan, Kysuce and the world outside the windows of the earth.

To be all in the picture, a few words about the “extinct genres of dramatic opera”: The earth is destroyed, humanity has moved to the moon. After many years, one person decides to return out of nowhere – he packs his flag and sets out on his journey to his roots. But what is he looking for? And what can he find on a long-abandoned planet?

The visually and acoustically impressive performance freely draws on the story of Eugene Andrew Cernan, an astronaut with Czechoslovakian roots, who repeatedly visited the land of his ancestors and to whom the museum in Vysoká nad Kysucou is dedicated. ”


Pasi Mäkelä – actor, vocals

Jan Komárek – director, lighting design

Miroslav Tóth – electronics, vocals