Workshop of a Young Musician with Marek Kundlák - Festival NASUTI

Workshop of a Young Musician with Marek Kundlák 21.9.2019, outside, 16.00 - 18.00

Marek is a performer, musician, composer, and constructor of unconventional musical instruments and graduate of Konzervatórium and VŠMU. He pursues experimenting with sound and multi-genre creation. From his school times, Marek has been creating for children. He leads the Workshop of a Young Musician since 2014. Before every workshop, Marek stops by a local junkyard and takes away a valuable material. Children see junk in front of them, Marek sees musical instruments. It does not take too long for children to see things differently. Under Marek’s tutorship, they use junk to put together bizarre but functional instruments, learn to play them, and finally try to play in a group. The Rumpus-Orchestra is something you definitely do not want at home, but in Nová Cvernovka, children will be grateful to you for it.