Art Café, 19.11. from 20.00

Art Cafe and the Nasuti festival join more than 600 organizations and artistic groups across the country and the Slovak initiative Slovenská Tepláreň: – We want to express our solidarity with the families and loved ones of Matúš and Juraj, who were murdered out of hatred in the Tepláreň bar in Bratislava. – We want to express respect, gratitude and respect to those who created Tepláreň as an open place for meetings of free people – We want to express unequivocal support to all people who identify as LGBTI+. – We want Slovakia to be a country where everyone can feel safe and where belonging to any minority is accepted with respect as a natural part of society. – We want to support the change in legislation so that it ensures a dignified and fulfilling life for all people in Slovakia, including LGBTI+ people. – We want to walk the path of non-violence, togetherness and tolerance, which is why the Art Cafe and the Nasuti festival in Banská Štiavnica are participating in the joint initiative of the Slovenská Tepláreň, on Saturday 11/19/2022 from 20:00. LINEUP 20:00 Opening speech by Mária Ivaničová from the Association of Parents and Friends of LGBT+ People 20:10 Tereza & Jaro band (local support) 20h40 DM reels 21:30 Terrible 2’s 11:00 p.m. DJ Kinet The entrance fee of 10 euros will be donated to charity. ***** Within the SLICE project, Slovakia Icelandic cooperation in the development of small cultural centers (CLT02019), this event was financially “Supported by citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants. Co-financed from the state budget of the Slovak Republic and OZ Povala.