Talk / Daniel Talesnik / Who's next? - Festival NASUTI

Talk / Daniel Talesnik / Who’s next?

Lecture about the exhibition project and the book Who s Next? In the case of this exhibition and book effort, it should not be another academic research that looks from the warmth of its privileged living room as approximately 1.6 billion around the world try in vain not to drown. The homeless as a social group are among the most vulnerable members of society. Why does the problem not decrease despite the considerable funds poured into possible solutions? The book analyzes not only central themes such as the visibility and invisibility of the homeless, but also the ambivalence of the reactions of the rest of society, which oscillate between repression and rejection. Homelessness is not presented as an individual tragedy or perhaps a strategy, but as a societal problem that requires systemic solutions. In addition to the analysis of global statistics and their socio-political connections, he also examines the current crisis of homelessness in cities such as Tokyo, Mumbai, New York, Los Angeles and Moscow.