Suťošperk - Rubblejewel - Festival NASUTI

Suťošperk – Rubblejewel 22.9.2018, whole day around, FRL

Fashion Recycle Lab (SK) - Nina Marčeková, Illah van Oijen and Andrea Ďurianová: Suťošperk, 2018, art design

The rubble’s content is diverse. Besides the fragments of the expected building materials, authors found many other new materials or broken parts of various items that were or could not be identified. They worked with their colours, structures and separate pieces. The selected samples of different materials were transformed into jewellery. They have chosen this form not only for the manageable scale of work with the material. The jewel also bears the value they have attempted to extract from the rubble. Not only by showing the diversity of materials, but also by the attention and transformation which create such value.