Rudolf Sikora - Eko(ko)mix etc. - Festival NASUTI

Rudolf Sikora – Eko(ko)mix etc.

At the NASUTI festival, we will present a selection from the work of Rudolf Sikora. We will talk to him about the metaphorical contexts of darkness and his concept of darkness.

Bio: Rudolf Sikora (* 1946, Žilina) is one of the most important figures of Czech and Slovak fine art since the early 1970s. During normalization he was active on the unofficial – alternative art scene; in his studio in Bratislava he organized the 1st Open Studio (1970), which foreshadowed the arrival of a strong generation of artists. He started from his own synthesis of “new sensitivity” and conceptual thinking, later he enriched his art with postmodern impulses. As one of the first artists in Czechoslovakia and in Europe, he dealt with a new topic of global-civilizational and ecological threat to the world. He based his distinctive cosmological vision on scientific knowledge from the theory of the origin and existence of the universe, while creating an original artistic parallel to science. An inseparable aspect of his personality is still social activism, which programmatically and systematically reflects the legacy of the Russian revolutionary avant-garde, represented mainly by Malevich’s work. He intervened in several areas of fine arts; he specializes in painting, drawing, graphics, photography, action art, object creation and installations.