Kata Mach: Flaming lips - projection - Festival NASUTI

Kata Mach: Flaming lips – projection

Kata Mach

Katarína Morháčová, who later worked under the stage name Kata Mach (1986 – 2018), was a Slovak artist who used several medias. Katarína left us unexpectedly, at the age of 32. He work is rich in a variety of materials, themes and approaches.

Kata Mach in her art – simply put – explores political dimensions of intimate experience. She has been investigating into complex intertwined systems of oppression (capitalism, patriarchy, physical and mental normativity etc.) and their influence on both individual and society. In recent years, she
has more prominently turned towards performative positions and work with physical body, which becomes a representant, a symbol and an object of the complex representation of perpetual failure in these systems. Continual exploration and testing of realities of her body in contexts of political, social, economical and gender relations, always retain certain ambivalence. Not only mach describes, analyses, criticises and thematises these contexts, but often painfully reveals an extent to which she is produced and constituted by them.

Text by Zuzana Jakalová