EXHIBITION/ WILDERNESS - While we were dancing - Festival NASUTI

EXHIBITION/ WILDERNESS – While we were dancing

Friday 18 November – Saturday 19 November 2022
exhibition duration 11/18/2022 (opening) – 4/30/2023

exhibition / Jozef Kollár Gallery WILDERNESS – While we were dancing
Peter Barényi, Pali Hovanec, Tomáš Rafa, Matin Špirec, Peter Sulo, Gabriela Zigová

performance / Andrej Chudy, Tomasz Szrama

photo exhibition / Hájovňa – Červená studňa
Andrea Kalinova

workshop / Hájovňa – Červená studňa

Veza Czyn

exhibition of paintings / Schemnitz gallery
Peter Sulo

The central exhibition will be installed in the premises of the Jozef Kollár gallery on Trojičné námestie, in addition, performances (Tomasz Szrama and Andrej Chudý), workshop of Veza Czyn and photography exhibition (Andrea Kalinová) in Hájovňa on Červená studňa and paintings by Peter Sulo exhibited in Schemnitz gallery will be part of the festival .

Our focus lays on human beings and their inner experience of the threat of a climate disaster. We watch how humanity displaces ecological problems, what – although they lead to their further deepening – resembles the proverbial music on the Titanic, giving us the fool’s hope until the very last moment. We delve into the principles of the popular lifestyle for the present moment, and it’s up to us whether we reject it as mere selfishness and hedonism, or embrace as the only survival strategy of our species.

We are watching how great hopes and faith in the democratizing and uplifting possibilities of the Internet have turned into a nightmare of information chaos and humanity’s descent deeper and deeper into uncertainty, strife and collective madness. The climate crisis is subject to one of the strongest and longest-running disinformation campaigns in history. This is also why humanity’s reaction is too lukewarm and too delayed. The pseudo-museum anthropological installation at the end of the exhibition will look for a point in human history where things went wrong, when man separated himself from the “wilderness” and lost his relevance to his natural environment.