Concert: Samčo "brother of earthworms" - Festival NASUTI

Concert: Samčo “brother of earthworms”

Samčo “brother of earthworms”, an enfant terrible of the Slovak music and visual scene, will play in a duo with Vlčica Mačica. In his own words: “Preliminarily, we would make a semi-electronic acoustic set in accordance with the theme of the event. Somehow I’ve never bothered to come up with a description for our duo before in my life, so now I don’t know haha 🙂 ”

Bio: I was born in 1988. In 1998, I celebrated ten years. In 2006 I reached the age of majority. Since then, I have a year more every year. I like to play with things that make a sound. They took my toys when I was growing up, so I have to play with instruments.